Overseas students fill campus with table tennis fever 2018-05-10

The ping pong competition for international students at Fudan University started on April 18, firing up campus sports fever.

Fudan opens annual entrance exam for foreign students 2018-05-09

Fudan, a prestigious university, initiated a written entrance exam for high school graduates on April 29 and 30.

A brief look into Sino-Indonesia, Japan and S Korea cultural exchanges 2018-05-09

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is paying a visit to Indonesia as this year marks the 68th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia.

Talented foreign graduates like China, but there's a catch 2018-05-09

Companies want them, but regulations can be a hindrance to many in search of their dream.

Tea party preludes SJTU homestay season 2018-05-07

Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently held a tea party for international students and host families.

Overseas students visit classical garden, try juicy xiaolongbao 2018-05-03

International students from Fudan University took a one-day trip to Guyi Garden, the largest of Shanghai’s five classical Chinese gardens, on April 14.

Fudan students participate in a badminton competition 2018-05-03

The International Exchange School at Fudan University launched a badminton competition on April 12 to enrich the overseas students' campus lives.

Speaking in one language 2018-05-03

Zeynep Kucuk from Turkey was giving a Mandarin class to six international students and teaching them how to use the Chinese phrase "yibian ..., yibian".

SJTU students sing and dance in warm spring 2018-05-02

Some 80 Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University held a lawn party on April 27, singing and dancing for the warm spring season.

Intl students blend fashion and culture 2018-04-28

The second International Student Fashion Design Competition concluded at Donghua University, Shanghai, on April 26.

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