Shanghai college students enjoy free shuttle bus service 2018-01-16

A free shuttle bus service for college students in Shanghai was launched over the weekend, making it easier for those who live outside of Shanghai to get home during the winter vacation.

Shanghai strives to improve education for overseas students 2018-01-15

China Association for International Education joined hands with a group of Shanghai universities on Jan 7-9, to seek inspirations on the development of education for overseas students.

Intl students visit Zhejiang home appliance giant 2018-01-12

A group of international students from Donghua University in Shanghai visited Cuori Group, a Zhejiang-based electrical appliances provider, on Jan 2.

SUFE bids farewell to overseas students 2018-01-12

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics held a graduation ceremony for its Chinese language and exchange students on Jan 5.

Overseas students handy in TCM knowledge 2018-01-11

Overseas students from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine attended a national TCM knowledge final in Beijing, Dec 24, 2017, and won the first prize.

Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao youngsters brainstorm on innovation and entrepreneurship 2018-01-11

Tongji University held the Second Bauhinia Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp on Jan 6.

Shanghai university steps up in medical robotics 2018-01-10

Shanghai Jiao Tong University set up a medical robotics institute on Dec 21, 2017.

Shanghai Week starts New Year fun 2018-01-10

As the Lunar New Year approaches, a variety of celebratory events are unfolding.

Austrian Consul-General in Shanghai visits Tongji University 2018-01-09

A delegation led by Austrian Consul-General in Shanghai Brigitte Robinson Seyrlehner visited Tongji University on Jan 8.

Intl students' Chinese stories warm up Tongji 2018-01-09

Tongji University in Shanghai held a Chinese speaking contest for its international students on Dec 29, 2017, attracting over 200 Chinese and foreign spectators.

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