Intl students' Chinese stories warm up Tongji 2018-01-09

Tongji University in Shanghai held a Chinese speaking contest for its international students on Dec 29, 2017, attracting over 200 Chinese and foreign spectators.

Music and art connect intl students at SSPU 2018-01-08

Shanghai Polytechnic University was filled with a festive air as the school held a New Year party on Dec 27, 2017.

Intl students find inner peace with yoga 2018-01-05

Some 15 international students from Fudan University took a yoga class on Dec 20, 2017 to relax their bodies and minds.

Overseas students get awarded for dedication to Chinese culture 2018-01-05

Twenty-five overseas students from Fudan University in Shanghai were awarded the Zimo scholarship on Dec 29, 2017.

DHU teachers brush up on international education 2018-01-04

A group of teachers from Donghua University, who were in charge of the schooling of international students, held a teaching salon on Dec 29, 2017.

Time freezes through the lens of intl students 2018-01-02

A group of overseas students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited a local ancient town and captured its beauty with their cameras.

President says future starts now 2018-01-01

President Xi Jinping delivers his New Year address on Sunday. It was aired on television, radio and the internet.

Shanghai University to co-run campus in Mid-East 2017-12-29

Shanghai University and the Uzbekistani University of World Economy and Diplomacy signed an agreement on Dec 27 to strengthen the two schools' strategic partnership.

Festive party lights up Shanghai campus 2017-12-28

Shanghai International Studies University held a New Year party on Dec 26.

SSPU intl students free to manage their own affairs 2017-12-27

Shanghai Polytechnic University sets up a service and activity center run by its international students on Dec 20.

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