Intl students embark on a journey to experience TCM 2018-11-05

An experience tour themed on traditional Chinese medicine was held on Oct 27, attracting over 100 international students from 39 countries.

ECUST's international education gets recognized 2018-11-02

East China University of Science and Technology was granted as one of third batch of experimental units to offer qualified international education for overseas students on Oct 18.

CIIE mascot Jinbo welcomes global guests 2018-11-02

The panda is China's national treasure and its international name card. Adored by all for its chubby and lovely image, the panda has long been China’s emissary for friendship, contributing to friendly ties with other countries.

ECUST welcomes new partner from South Korea 2018-11-01

A delegation from Daegu Joongang High School, South Korea, visited East China University of Science and Technology Oct 17.

Fudan University and media groups to form joint labs 2018-10-29

The Shanghai New Media Lab of Fudan University has partnered with several media groups to set up three new labs that will explore new educational models aimed at tackling technological challenges.

Intl students embrace folk culture in Shanghai 2018-10-26

A group of over 100 international students went on a cultural experience tour from Oct 14 to 15 in Shanghai's Chongming district, visiting Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co Ltd.

Knowing Shanghai through cultural visits 2018-10-26

Roughly 100 international students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University embarked on a cultural exploring trip around the eastern metropolis on Oct 10.

Relaxing with traditional Chinese manipulative therapy 2018-10-25

International students from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine attended a lecture on tuina, China’s traditional manipulative therapy, Oct 18.

Carnival brings smiles and laughter to Shanghai campus 2018-10-24

Students at Shanghai International Studies University were wearing smiles on their faces as the fifth campus international carnival got underway Oct 19.

Try your hand at paper-cutting 2018-10-24

International students from Shanghai International Studies University marked the start of their new semester by trying their hands at the traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting Oct 12.

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