Fudan calls for cultural heritage protection in East Asia 2017-09-04

A symposium calling for the protection of cultural heritage in East Asia was held at Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Aug 24 and 25.

Chinese culture enchants British students 2017-09-01

A group of 97 students from the UK completed their Chinese language and culture exchange program at East China Normal University on Aug 26.

Niche ways to spend a summer holiday in China 2017-09-01

Overseas students studying at Fudan University in Shanghai shared their unique experiences of spending the summer holidays in China.

SHU opens cultural immersion program for Turkish students 2017-09-01

The China Impression program organized by Shanghai University recently welcomed a group of 22 Turkish students.

Study China Program concludes at ECNU campus 2017-08-30

The four-week Study China Summer Program drew to an end at East China Normal University on Aug 4.

Shanghai inventors shine at BRICS makers competition 2017-08-29

A team of young inventors from Shanghai Jiao Tong University stood out at the first BRICS Makers Competition held in Kunming, Yunnan province on Aug 19-20.

'Qipao' to grace Edinburgh Art Festival 2017-08-28

82 creative sets of technology oriented qipao highlighted the traditional style of Chinese chic at the Edinburgh Art Festival on Aug 25.

SHU rounds off training program on urban planning 2017-08-28

A study program on urban planning for scholars from countries involved in China's Belt and Road Initiative concluded at Shanghai University on Aug 4.

China, Pakistan build closer educational ties 2017-08-25

A recent forum initiated by Shanghai University has strengthened educational ties between China and Pakistan.

Jiading schools lauded for pushing innovation and entrepreneurship 2017-08-25

Tongji University and Shanghai Art & Design Academy in Jiading district, Shanghai have been praised for improving students' innovative and entrepreneurial capacity.

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