Global carnival adorns Shanghai campus 2017-12-11

Shanghai International Studies University opened its annual global carnival on Dec 5.

Chinese, foreign experts discuss urban transportation 2017-12-08

Shanghai's Tongji University hosted the 10th International Sustainable Urban Transport System Forum on Nov 18.

French minster promotes Sino-French relations 2017-12-08

Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Finance and Economy, spoke at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Dec 2.

'Chinese corner' activity brings Chinese and overseas students closer 2017-12-07

A Chinese corner activity aiming to forge closer ties between Chinese and overseas students kicked off at Shanghai International Studies University on Dec 5.

Russian students experience economic visions in Shanghai 2017-12-04

Postgraduate students from Russia's St. Petersburg State University of Economics attended a nine-day business program at Shanghai Polytechnic University on Nov 30.

Intl students discuss Silk Road and BRI development 2017-12-01

Professor Yao Ximing, dean of the College of International Exchange at Shanghai University, shared his insights into the Silk Road on Nov 24.

Poetry recital a new way for international students to experience China 2017-11-30

The 2017 Chinese poetry recital contest for foreigners studying in Shanghai opened on Nov 19.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao tighten youth ties 2017-11-30

The annual conference for young people from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao began on Nov 23, fostering new perspectives on the regions' economy and development.

Intl students learn the ups and downs of Chinese companies' overseas expansion 2017-11-29

A lecture focusing on the opportunities and challenges of Chinese companies' international business expansion attracted some 200 Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University on Nov 9.

Shanghai delegation starts 'Educational Journey to the West' 2017-11-24

A delegation led by Hu Hongyi, vice-president of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visited the European countries of Malta and Germany from Nov 5 to 10.

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