SJTU students strike a pose at national gala 2017-02-15

A group of 10 international students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University perform at the Shanghai venue of the Spring Festival Gala hosted by China Central Television on Jan 27.

Overseas student get up close to Chinese language 2017-02-09

Some 100 overseas students immersed themselves in Chinese culture last month in Shanghai from Jan 2 to 20.

ECNU holds closing ceremony for overseas students 2017-02-09

A group of international students from East China Normal University (ECNU) majoring in Chinese language studies attended a closing ceremony on Jan 12.

ECNU joins hands with French university 2017-02-08

The University of Paris – Dauphine and East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai launched an official joint Dauphine-Shanghai Program on Jan 12.

American students visit ECNU 2017-02-07

A group of nine students from the University of California-Riverside (UC Riverside) conducted a study trip to Shanghai's East China Normal University (ECNU) from Dec 12 to 14, 2016.

Festive gathering lights up Shanghai university 2017-02-06

Many Chinese and overseas students from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) held a gathering on Jan 25 to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Spring Festival enchants overseas students 2017-02-04

Many Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University (SHU) got into the festive atmosphere by holding a series of celebrations on Jan 28.

Festive air fills Shanghai University 2017-01-25

More than 200 overseas students and teachers from Shanghai University (SHU) enjoyed a festive party together at Baoshan Campus on Jan 20, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.

Overseas students have a brush with Chinese calligraphy 2017-01-23

A group of overseas students from Shanghai International Studies University were given the chance to try their hands at Chinese calligraphy art in Shanghai on Jan 21.

Intl students and teachers forge ties at SHUTCM 2017-01-23

A group of international students and university officials held a discussion about TCM and its development on Jan 17.

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