Intl students feel the pulse of Shanghai 2018-07-24

Shanghai International Studies University opened its version of the 2018 Shanghai Summer School series July 9, attracting 81 students from Russia, the Middle East, Spanish-speaking countries, and other nations involved in the Belt and Road countries.

Oceanian students get to know Shanghai 2018-07-24

A group of 42 college students from Oceania countries finished their month-long program in Shanghai July 13.

Event praised for improving dialogue 2018-07-23

Conference provides stage for communication and connections

Youth interactive friendship camp kicks off in Shanghai 2018-07-19

About 130 teenagers from 20 countries and regions gathered in Shanghai on Wednesday to participate in the 14th Shanghai International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp.

SJTU opens global summer school 2018-07-18

Shanghai Jiao Tong University opened a global summer school on July 12, attracting some 350 students from renowned universities across the world.

Curtain falls on 2018 Chinese culinary program 2018-07-18

Shanghai Polytechnic University rounded off its Chinese culinary program July 14.

A day immersed in Chinese martial arts 2018-07-17

Overseas students attending a martial arts program arranged by Shanghai University of Sport found their first day a good combination of theory and practice.

SHU bids farewell to intl students on Hanban scholarship 2018-07-16

Shanghai University held a farewell meeting for 14 international students, all of whom were on the Confucius Institute Scholarship, on July 5.

Chinese sports program for intl students held at SUS 2018-07-16

Shanghai University of Sport opened a 2018 Shanghai Summer School program on July 6, featuring the traditional Chinese sports of martial arts and table tennis.

Intl students gain new insights into Shanghai achievements 2018-07-16

A group of 160 international students studying at universities from the Yangtze River Delta region embarked on a three-day educational trip to Shanghai on July 7.

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