Aquaculture (Shanghai Ocean University)
Updated: 2014-03-06

LOGO.jpgThe educational objectives of the Aquaculture Major are to cultivate technicians who are trained in aquatic animals and plants farming, aquatic animal nutrition and feeds, disease control and breeding; as well as to cultivate technical talents for aquiculture production, education, scientific research and management. The basic theories and technologies relate to biology and ecology, water environmental science, aquatic economic animal and plant breeding technology, nutrition and feed, disease control, fishery economics and management.


Zoology and Research, Physiology and Experiments, Ecology and Experiments, Aquatic Biology and Experiments, Aquatic Animal Reproduction and Experiments, Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Aquatic Animal Disease and Medical Science and Experiments, Live Food Cultivation and Experiments, Water Environment Chemistry and Experiments, Ichthyology and Experiments, Aquatic Feed Inspection and Experiments, Marine Live Food and Biological Survey, Internships and Graduation Paper.




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