Composition (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThe Department of Composition was established in 1927 right after the State-run Conservatory of Music was founded. It was the earliest cradle of professional composers that had ever been established in our country. It was Cai Yuanpei, Xiao Youmei and Huang Zi who brought composition and the theory of composition to the higher music educational system in China for the first time. In 1947, Tan Xiaolin introduced modern western techniques of composition to China, and this has profoundly influenced China’s modern musical composition ever since. Over eight decades, our senior composers, conductors, experts and professors have brought up large numbers of excellent music professionals who have earned an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. They have made significant contributions to the Department and even to the construction of China’s music education and cultural causes. In September 2007, the major in conducting was separated off from the Department of Composition and Conducting; and the Department of Composition regained its independent status.

A great number of outstanding teachers and students have achieved great honor with their compositions in many major international competitions.


Harmony, Polyphony, Analysis and Orchestration.


Bachelor of Arts


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