Chinese Traditional Instruments (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThe Department of Chinese Traditional Instruments of Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SCM) was officially established in 1956. It was the first domestic music academy to be established. Professor Shen Zhibai, a renowned theorist of Chinese traditional instruments, was the first dean of the department, and the deputy dean was the famous lutanist and educator Wei Zhongle.

For many years, the Department of Chinese Traditional Instruments has attracted a large number of great masters in Chinese musical circles, such as Shen Zhibai, Wei Zhongle, Lu Xiutang, Sun Yude, Wang Xunzhi, Wang Yi, Jin Zuli, Chen Junying, Lu Chunling, and Hu Dengtiao. The department has also educated many contemporary Chinese music masters such as Min Huifen, Xiang Sihua, Li Minxiong, Xia Feiyun, Wang Changyuan, Yang Qing, and Yan Huichang. It has made a significant contribution to the inheritance, exploration, and development of Chinese music.

With outstanding teaching resources, the department was the first in the country to offer a master’s degree in Chinese instrumental musical art. In the last few decades, it has achieved great success and won all kinds of awards in all fields of Chinese traditional music, especially in instrumental playing.

The Department of Chinese Traditional Instruments boasts excellent academic traditions, and has formed a unique superiority and strength in its construction of its faculty and curriculum, talents cultivation, and teaching management. Several disciplinary fields are of a high level both at home and abroad.

At present, the department of Chinese Traditional Instruments has its own Chinese traditional instrumental orchestra of SCM and a multiform chamber orchestra.


Solo, Chamber Music, Chinese Traditional Orchestra, Theory of Compositional Techniques, Music History.


Bachelor of Arts


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