Music Education (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThe history of the Department of Music Education in Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SCM) dates back to the original Normal Training Division in the Shanghai National Conservatory of Music in 1927. The Department of Music Education was resumed in 1997, with Professor Jiang Mingdun, President at the time, as its first Dean. In 2001, Professor Yu Danhong, for the first time, put forward the idea that major subjects should center on music education theory and practice. Thus, the position of disciplines was fixed, and consequently, a music education system with Chinese characteristics was gradually formed. There are two majors in the Department of Music Education: Music Education and Music Therapy. The present dean of the department is Professor Yu Danhong.

The Department of Music Education has undertaken a series of scientific research projects from the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; meanwhile, it has complied music textbooks and art textbooks for Shanghai middle schools. The Department lays great emphasis on the development of students’ musicianship. It has won the first place both individually and collectively in the Music Skills Competition held by the National Ministry of Education. Moreover, the female chorus of the Department of Music Education has won gold awards in international competitions.

The Department of Music Education has a reputation for internationalism due to its establishment as an international exchange platform. Each year, music educators, players and conductors from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Japan, America, Hungary and Belgium come to the department to hold lectures. Having successfully held large-scale international music education conferences (ISME, APSMER), the department is highly recognized in its field at home and abroad.


Introduction to Music Therapy, Music Psychology, Piano, Voice, Music History.


Bachelor of Arts


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