English (Technical Translation) (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)
Updated: 2014-03-28

上海理工大学.jpgThis major consists of core courses, language skill courses, language and culture courses, extended courses, internships and graduate projects.

Core course

English Reading for Science and Technology, English Writing for Science and Technology, Translation for English Science and Technology, Interpretation for English Science and Technology, Simultaneous Interpretation for English Science and Technology, Computer-Assisted Translation

Language skill courses

Comprehensive English, Audio-Visual English, Oral English, Academic Writing

Language and culture courses

Introduction to English Linguistics, English Lexicology, Selective Reading of English and American Literature, Cross-Cultural Communication

Extended courses

Higher Mathematics, College Physics, Computer Science, Introduction to Mechanics, Modern Engineering Drawing, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Engineering Materials, Introduction to Statistics

With English or bilingual (English and Chinese) lessons, these courses combine language skills and discipline-specific knowledge.

This major adheres to the tradition of course design in the foreign languages college and takes advantage of the leading disciplines in the university, such as science, engineering and management. It integrates the disciplinary resources of English, science and technology, and trade. The major aims to train English-speaking talents to meet the needs of the job market.

Degree conferred

Bachelor of Arts


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