Japanese (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)
Updated: 2014-03-28

上海理工大学.jpgOverall course outline

The whole course comprises of six modules

Key courses module, listening and speaking module, reading and writing module, integrated skill module, and literary and historical class module.  Key modules consist of comprehensive Japanese, extensive reading, advanced comprehensive Japanese, writing translation, oral interpretation and introduction to Japan. Listening and speaking module includes Japanese audio-visual teaching, Japanese conversation, middle and higher business Japanese, and film appreciation. Reading and writing module includes: selected reading for contemporary Japanese literature, Japanese writing, cross-cultural communication, network reading, language and culture, Japanese classical grammar, selected readings in Japanese newspapers and periodicals, and selected readings in Japanese literature. The integrated skill module includes fundamental grammar and vocabulary for Japanese, translation practice, integrated skill training for Japanese, Japanese grammar, advanced grammar and vocabulary for Japanese, advanced integrated skill training for Japanese, selected reading in dissertation projects, and international trade and practice. The literary and historical class module includes history of modern Japanese literature and history of China-Japan cultural exchanges.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)


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