Clothing and Apparel Design (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-03-31

LOGO.jpgAllow students to master the basic theories, basic professional knowledge and basic professional skills in clothing design, understand the design concept and master design methods. This major emphasizes the close combination of theory and practice, applies the latest international fashion information to the courses and allows students to master correct clothing-design methods. It also pays attention to cultivating the creative design capability and hands-on production capability so as to allow the students to possess strong market design awareness and market competition capabilities.

Basic courses

Creative Design Sketches, Color Painting, Graphic Composition, Color Composition, Dimensional Structure, Basic Pattern, Art History.

Professional courses

Clothing-painting Techniques, Costume Design, Structural Design and Clothing Technology, Hand-dyeing, Clothing Color, Clothing Accessories Design, Clothing Social Psychology, History of Clothing, Clothing Materials, Clothing CAD, Clothing Production, Marketing Management and Fashion Photography


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