Digital Media Art (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-03-31

LOGO.jpgBased on the principles of in-depth development of students’ artistic potential and the cultivation of their artistic creation capabilities, this major not only strengthens the basic courses on artistic theory, but also offers practical courses in many aspects so as to cultivate senior compound professionals possessing solid foundations, a wide knowledge range and creation awareness, meeting the requirements of digital media art development, mastering digital media core technologies, possessing artistic creation capabilities, working in digital media technical development, art design, development and production, understanding media market operation laws, and undertaking other cross-field tasks of system development, media and network.

Main courses

Base Course of Art Design, History and Theory of Art Design, Principles of Animation, Web Design and Production, Mobile Media Development and Design, Interactive Media Development and Design, Interface Design, Computer Two-dimensional Animation, Techniques of Video Advertising,  Three-dimensional Computer Animation, Computer Game Design, Advertising and Planning, Video Screens and Special Effects Package, CIS Corporate Image Planning


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