Visual Communication Design (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-03-31

LOGO.jpgThis major pays attention to the teaching of creative thinking, design methods and comprehensive practice capabilities so as to cultivate comprehensive senior professionals adapting to the requirements of cultural and creative industries, possessing a stronger brand, market awareness and creative capabilities, and having a solid foundation and various image information communication design capabilities.

Main courses

Painting, Basic Design Theory, Media Design, Basic Composition, Color Studio, 3D Design, Graphic Studio, Font Design, Logo and Symbol Design, Layout, Creative Conceptual Studio 1, Creative Concept Studio 2, Multimedia Design, Techniques of Film and Advertising, Computer Game Design, Design Studio, Art Direction, Project Design, Photography, Digital Imaging, Integrated Marketing Management, Art Appreciation and Criticism, History of World's Flat Design, Printing Studies, Book Design, Advertising Introduction, CIS Corporate Identity Design, Web Design and Production, Packaging Design, Design Reports and Papers, Business Writing, other selective courses on art design.


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