Communication Engineering (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-04-01

LOGO.jpgThis major cultivates the senior communication-engineering technical professionals mastering the basic theories and technologies in communication science as well as the general theories and technologies in electronics science, computer science and control science, capable of doing the work of communication and information system’s research, design, manufacturing and operation in the communication field and the related fields, and engaged in the work of communication technology and equipment’s development and application in various sectors of national economy.

Main courses

Circuit Analysis, Signal and Linear System, Analog Electronic Technology, Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave, Communication Electronic Circuit, Communication Fundamentals, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Communication Network, Wireless Mobile Communication, Soft Switch Technology and NGN, Modern Fiber Communication Principle, Broadband Network Access Technology, Principle and Application of Wireless Sensor Network, Network Integration Principle and System, Principle and Application of GPS, RF Circuit Design etc.


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