Environmental Engineering (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-04-01

LOGO.jpgCultivate senior engineering and technical professionals possessing knowledge in the design, research and development of new products and equipment for these projects in the prevention and control of pollutants in water, air, sound and solid waste, water supply and drainage projects in cities and towns, environmental planning, resource and environmental protection, and capable of environmental planning, engineering design, environmental pollution control and governance, environmental quality monitoring and appraisal, environmental management, environmental education, cleaner production auditing and new environmental protection products and technological development in government environmental protection departments, scientific research institutions, higher education schools, companies and enterprises.

Major courses

Water Pollution Control Engineering, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, Overview of Architecture, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Environmental Management and Planning, Environmental Assessment, Cleaner Production Technology, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal, Engineering CAD, etc.


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