Law (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-04-01

LOGO.jpgThis major cultivates professionals mastering the basic theories and principles of law, are familiar with China’s existing laws, regulations and policies, understand the relevant disciplines, are capable of skillfully mastering foreign languages, modern office skills and other comprehensive knowledge, possessing the capabilities of using their knowledge of law to solve practical problems, and also possessing a certain capability of carrying out scientific research, as well as being capable of work including legislation, judicature, law enforcement as well as attorneys and other commercial legal services.

Major courses

Core curriculum such as Jurisprudence, Constitutional Jurisprudence, Science of Civil Law, Science of Economic Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, International Law, International Economic Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure, Administrative Law And Administrative Litigation Law, Intellectual Property Law; and elective courses like Contract Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, Law of Negotiable Instrument, Securities Law, Real Estate Law.


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