Acupuncture and Tuina
Updated: 2016-01-04

This program will enable students to understand the essential theory of Chinese medicine, grasp the knowledge and techniques of acupuncture and tuina and improve their self-learning ability.
2.Main Courses
 Essential theory of Chinese medicine
 Diagnosis in Chinese medicine
 Chinese materia medica
 Chinese herbal formulae
 Normal human anatomy
 Physiology
 Pathology
 Biochemistry
 Meridians and points
 Needling and moxibustion technique
 Tuina manipulation
 Experimental acupuncture & tuina
 Acupuncture therapeutics
 Tuina treatment
 Guided reading of Chinese medical classics
Teaching Methods
These include classroom lectures, group discussions, bedside teaching, simulated demonstration, practical training, social practice and problem-based learning (PBL). The teaching will highlight the training on skills of needling, moxibustion and tuina. Most lectures will take place in the Zhangjiang Campus, most clinical internship and probation will take place in the affiliated hospitals.
3.Graduation and Academic Degree
A Bachelor of Medical Science will be awarded upon completion of
 Required credits of all courses in the teaching scheme
 General points average (GPA)
 Pass of all examinations
 New HSK-5≥180 (excluding those of Chinese origin)
4.Future Career Development
After graduation, students may conduct medical practice, teaching and research in departments of acupuncture, tuina and Chinese medicine in medical institutions. Alternatively, they may conduct education, research, international exchange and management of Chinese medicine.
5.Type of Class
6.Application Period
January 1st, 2016—June 30th, 2016
7.Beginning of School
September, 2016 (Please see the date on Admission Notice)
8.Admission Prerequisites
 High school diploma
 New HSK4≥195
 Application fee: 450RMB
 Registration fee: 1250RMB
 Tuition fee: 28000RMB per year
 Purchase fee for textbooks
(Students can purchase textbooks according to their needs)
10.Application Documents
 High school diploma (photocopy or scanning copy)
 HSK certificate (photocopy or scanning copy)
 Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China
 Passport(photocopy or scanning copy)
After receiving the application documents, the admissions panel of the university will examine the material and send out Admission Notice and Study Visa Application Form (JW202 or JW201)
 Invoice of the application fee
 Digital picture: Document name & format: CHINESE NAME.JPG
Background color: blue or white
Resolution ratio: greater than 300 pixels/inch
Other requirement: bareheaded
Please sent it to
 Chinese government scholarship
 Shanghai municipal government scholarship
 Scholarships of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 “Aspiration Grant” Student Assistance Fund for Overseas Students
 “Grant for Living Cost” Student Assistance Fund for Overseas Students
 Venue for application: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
International Education College, 2nd Floor, Admission Office
 Address: Number 1200 Cai Lun Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai.
 Telephone: (86 21) 51322255; Fax: (86 21) 51322285
 Email:
 University Bank Account:
Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dong’an Road Branch
Bank Address: No.520, Wan Pin Nan Rd., Shanghai, China 200032
Account No. : 1001239109004636961

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
December, 2015.
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