Zhong Yanqiao
Updated: 2014-03-14

Zhong Yanqiao.jpgName: Zhong Yanqiao                       
Country: Malaysia
Institute: Donghua University   

"Dad! Mom! I’ve received the admission notice from Donghua University!”

Time flies, but I still remember the feeling when I got the letter. I dreamed about it since I was in high school and finally my dream came true. It was full of excitement and contradictions. I was ready to start an unpredictable university life. And now, it is already my third year in Shanghai, the most advanced and modern city in China.

On August 25th 2011, I left my lovely family, my lovely friends, my lovely hometown, and fly to an unfamiliar city. Why China? It’s all about dream, and also my parents’ dream! Why Shanghai? Shanghai is an international metropolis. Actually, I never know what will happen when I decided it. But, it’s a valuable chance for me to meet a completely new life. This is also a part of my personal growth and a test of life to prove myself. I’m glad to meet all the challenges in my life.

What am I supposed to do in Shanghai? As a student, I have to finish my studies for sure. What else? My answer is to learn “growing”. The first year, I spent a lot of time to set my personal goal. It’s a piece of cake for everyone to set their own personal goal, but, how and what are the ways we use to achieve it? This is a question. Sometimes, I felt that I was losing my way and everything was making me confused. But, everyone will encounter this situation in their personal growth. I like this part because it will make me stronger and better. Until now, I’m still on the way to achieve my personal goal which I never give up. In the progress to reach my target, besides growing, I have learned another word -- "insist”.

These three years in Shanghai, the most meaningful part that I have learned is how to manage the relationships. In this international metropolis, we all come from different countries; everyone has their own cultural background. Thus, under the environment of diverse cultures, we should learn to understand and appreciate each other through communication. Since we are all far away from home, friends become very important to us. We really enjoyed sharing our experiences in order to introduce our national culture.

There is only one more year before I finish my bachelor degree in Donghua University. My university life was full of ups and downs the past three years. “No pains, no gains”. When I was younger, I was blaming my life was not perfect. But now, I realize that life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it. If you ask my assessment of my university life, my answer is: I grow up. University life is so short that I set the personal goal in the first year: make it wonderful. I learned too much in the process to fulfill it.

When my university life began, I started with nothing. But, I have something now. My university life taught me growing, insist, managing relationship, and more. And finally, the most important is I’ve found the value of life. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much you pay for your life, it will be worth it in the last.

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