Pelayo Maye
Updated: 2014-03-14

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Name: Pelayo Enyo Envo Esono Maye                                                    
Country: Equatorial Guinea
Institute: East China University of Science and Technology



My Oversea Life Story

My name is PELAYO ENVO ESONO MAYE, my Chinese name is 贝拉勇,I am from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. In my studies in China, hard-work has been my trademark. This has enabled me to earn my teachers approval, hence making me realize my dream of studying for PhD. I would like to talk about my life experiences at ECUST while studying, so everyone can understand my attitude towards education as well as all the knowledge I have gathered.
In my studies, I never really outdid my ability but in consideration of the fact that I was studying in a different language, I had to put in much time as well as effort. When I started studying Chinese, I started from scratch...writing characters and pronunciation. Studying a language in a duration of 6 months is not easy but I nevertheless put in every effort. My hard-work finally earned me my teachers trust. So during an international student event, I was asked to be the MC. I did a great job, and by the end of the day, I was endeared to even more people.
I really like studying at ECUST, every time before class, I take between 4 to 6 hours previewing. I am a very hardworking student, also very active in school affairs. I listen carefully during lectures, take notes, and every time I encounter difficulties I never hesitate to consult my teachers or even fellow students until I understand it fully. After class I do all my assignments as well as lab reports, impressing my teachers and fellow Chinese students. Its through these commitments that my scores were maintained in the top zones. I was chosen by Professor Li to be part of the team undertaking her USRP project. From that moment I realized that what I had studied was not enough hence I turned to the International Students office and asked them for an opportunity to continue with my studies.
My studies as well as my social life are both blissful. I play football, basketball, pool table, badminton, guitar, piano, ping pong as well as singing. All these are always done with friends, during which we bond and gain knowledge and understanding of opposite cultures. At ECUST, am happy in class as well as out of class.
In my Shanghai life, I emerged first in a Shanghai singing competition; I participated in the Shanghai EXPO opening ceremony. I have also hosted a number of programs including, World Chinese Language Competition, More and more happy (an entertainment program), and of course before I had also been the host of Shanghai tour guide.
On 20th November this year, I participated in “Shanghai’s inter-school competition and emerged 3rd overall. I was granted this opportunity by the International Students office, and hence through it learned a lot and also got tremendous experiences enabling me have a wide perspective and also be well informed. I would therefore like to thank the International Student’s office for granting me the opportunity to study PhD. I also thank all the professors as well as all the individuals who have played various roles in helping nurture my education.
I still remember when I arrived in China, I was a stranger and not familiar at all with the country, but the Chinese welcomed me with open arms and taught me about their country that has over 5000 years of rich cultures and traditions. There warm hearts and kind words are beyond comparison. While here, I have tasted great Chinese food, experienced amazing culture, also witnessed diverse beauties in the various cities. China is my second home town, I love China!  

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