Justine Luvanda
Updated: 2014-03-06

JEL.jpgName: Justine Emanuel Luvanda
Country: Tanzania
Institute: Shanghai Finance University
Course: International Economics and Trade

As the students of Shanghai Finance University (SFU), We have chosen to be in this university, purposely because currently China is the one of the country which grows fast her in economy and business globally.

therefore being at SFU, which its  main aim is cultivating practical economic and financial talents, will help us to

To have the fully understanding of what international trade is and how to run international business in an excellent level.

To have the skills on how to connect different countries in business and trade.

To know how to introduce new foreign products to foreign market to allow people from different countries enjoy products that are not made in their country.

To develop an understanding of the complex nature of economics in the international environment and its close relationship with financial management firms.

With our current study of Chinese language it will help us greatly to link China with African countries in trade and economics. And as the recently records showed that China is the biggest Investor in African countries. By studying here at SFU will help us to get knowledge and practical skills of international trade and economics which will lead us to achieving our careers.

Moreover, presence of conducive learning environments at SFU such as quite environment, modern library, well equipped classes, gymnasium, also good and professional teachers who will take action and help the us to achieve academic, sporting, cultural and life-long learning. May I take this opportunity to thank the teachers for their continued professionalism, excellence and dedication.
To be admitted in this university is one of the great step we have archived, the next thing to think of is the way to live when we are at SFU, we promise to live and behave as students of this educational institution through adhere to all schools laws and regulations, through corporate fully with our teachers and our fellow students in all school’s activities.

Finally, I would like to say, with grateful heart, we receive this honor to be admitted in this university, and surely we promise to be good ambassadors of this university inside China and outside China, when we go back to our countries.

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