Voss Hedwig
Updated: 2014-03-03

Name: Voss Hedwig
Country: Sweden
Institute: Shanghai International College of Culture

I have been studying Chinese with SICC for three months and looking back I have made considerable progress in many ways. Skillful teachers helped me grasp the essentials of Chinese ways of life ,  become familiar with aspects of China past and present, my vocabulary has broadened at the same time with my gaining more inter- cultural understanding.  Little discussions on various topics, which I had  with my teachers, were interesting and inspiring.

To a large extend the learning process was textbook based with additional audio material, which gave me as a learner a seizable frame for my work at this point. During class focus was also laid on improving specific skills like intonation, the right use of linguistic patterns and acquiring more listening competence and fluency in reading . Learning took place in a straight forward and well structured co-operative manner with the atmosphere always being relaxed and friendly. 

I feel well equipped now to survive “real life” situations and venture into more complex communicative territory. I very much appreciate the welcoming atmosphere at SICC , the team spirit among the teachers and am most thankful for the amount of practical support I got to help me cope with organizing my independent life in Shanghai.

I should not forget to mention the high degree of reliability on the one hand and flexibility on the other concerning all arrangements that had to be made.

Being a student at SICC will have been an important stepping stone  on my path of discovering  a huge country that follows its collective  dream of  a better future .

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