Chai Jia Ying
Updated: 2014-06-16

蔡佳盈4.jpgName: Chai Jia Ying
Country: Malaysia
Institute: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine



My Life in Shanghai 

Hi, I’m Jia Ying. This is my fifth year at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine and I’ve almost finished my degree and guess it’s time to say goodbye to my teachers and friends. I really appreciate the people I encountered during my studies here and feel a sense of gratitude towards them. My professors are more like friends and prefer to discuss questions with me, unlike the traditional teacher-students relations and, as a result, I began to think more critically and independently.

I also made new friends among my classmates from all over the world and, although we were from different cultures, we respected each other and learned from each other. I must say that meeting new people and making friends with them has broadened my vision. In short, the friendships I’ve gained at this school are enormous and I must say that it is my friends who made my life interesting and colorful. Thank you!


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