Oh Sun Young
Updated: 2014-06-16

2korean.jpgName: Oh Sun Young
Country: South Korea
School: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine



My story in Shanghai

Hello, I’m Oh Sun Young and am a fifth year student at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I think I’ve gone through a lot over the past couple of years here and can still remember when I first came that I found life tough and contradictory. During my studies, I hoped to do clinical practice, but, because every time the exams got close and I felt great pressure, I found myself strangely distant and impersonal with my friends.

At the same time, whenever I was doing clinical work, I felt uneasy and I can recall how nervous I was when I first dealt with patients in the out-patient clinic and I really missed my time I in class. Now I can see that, I could not face the difficulties and move on without the great support and help from friends, classmates and teachers, even if life was still tough.

I do appreciate what I’ve learned and feel gratitude about the company I got from classmates and teachers.


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