Tan Wentien
Updated: 2014-06-16

6.jpgName: Tan Wentien (second right)
Country: Malaysia
School: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine



 My life in Shanghai

I’m Tan Wentien and am in my final year at the school and feel a passion for traditional Chinese medicine because I want to help relieve more people of their pain. I’m doing an internship with Yue Yang Hospital whose methodology is an integration of Chinese and western medicine and I have found my mentors very supportive and helpful. It was a bit hard for me to communicate with them at the beginning because they spoke Shanghai dialect but, after taking a few classes, I began to understand them much easier.

I like Shanghai very much and through my study, I’ve had an interesting social life and have been to Malaysian Embassy functions and have done volunteer works for polio prevention, and other things. I’ve also taken an actively part in campus activities. I’m grateful to my school which offered me a scholarship to fund my five years of study and I could not possibly be more thankful.

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