Cindy Lu
Updated: 2014-06-16

上海中医药大学-学生感言-Cin.jpgName: Cindy Lu
Country: Canada
School: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine



  My story in Shanghai

Hello, my name is Cindy Lu. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and my five years at this school have been affected by the people around me. I’ve met many interesting individuals, including my peers from other countries, local Chinese I met through student clubs, professors, and doctors. Many of these people are now my closest friends and each has their own story and set of beliefs. What better way could there be for gaining new perspectives on traditional medicine than discussing it with a 75 year-old doctor?

Time flew during my studies here and I know that I’ve learned from the people around me and know that I’ve grown and have become a trained medical professional. My internship at Shu-Guang Hospital this year brought me the day-to-day excitement of meeting new patients and learning different ways of thinking like a doctor that made each day unique and worthwhile. This opportunity for personal growth here has been immense and I could not be more thankful.


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