Prabhu Saish Maheshwar
Updated: 2014-06-16

Name: Prabhu Saish Maheshwar
Country: India
School: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hello, my name is Saish and I am from India. I came to the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010.

For the first two years I studied Chinese and, the amazing thing about the teachers here was that they turned a non-Chinese boy into a fluent Chinese speaker. When I first saw the tons of western medicine courses, I was confused about whether I had come to study Chinese medicine or western medicine. So, I settled on a Chinese medicine degree and began undergraduate work in acupuncture and tuina in 2012. At the beginning, it was hard to digest new concepts and the Chinese lectures, simply because it was so new to me. but, as I learned more, I found that traditional Chinese medicine mostly relies on practice that is not necessarily available in books. Moreover, exams were different from those in India. Before each exam, my teachers would hold a review that kept it from being boring. Now, I have a better understanding of how Chinese and western medicine can be inseparable, like yin and yang.

In addition to my studies, I had a good social life on campus, after all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, as they say. I took part in various student activities, such as sports, cultural festivals, and competitions. And the key was in the balance, I have to say. In short, I like my studies here at Shanghai TCM University.

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