Magdi Elamin Gibril
Updated: 2016-04-01


My name is Magdi Elamin Gibril, assistant professor, Gezira University (Sudan). I hold a PhD degree in materials science (Polymer Chemistry and Physics), from Donghua university, Shanghai, China 2013.

Since January 2015 up to date I am doing research in the field of Nanocellulose and Nanocomposite in the School of Engineering at University of Kwa ZuluNatal, Durban, South Africa as Postdoc.

with Gu_副本.jpg

with Professor Gu Bohong

From June 2015 – Dec.2015, I joined to Professor H. Furukawa lab (Soft & Wet matter Engineering Lab (SWEL)) in Yamagata University, Yamagata, Japan for six month, as follow ship in the field of nanocellulose-based biocomposite for 3D printing & nanocellulose-based hydrogel.

I have an interest in preparation and functionalization of cellulose materials (Nano-cellulose, micro-cellulose) with organic (inorganic) nanoparticles i.e. (hybrid nanofiller) and to design new composites material based on natural polymers. The most significant part is the practical research work about the modification (grafting, insitu-blending and copolymerization) and fabrication of natural polymers to achieve selective properties through an ecofriendly process with commercial values.


with Professor Yu Muhuo


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