Shanghai Music Conservatory
Updated: 2014-03-03


丁芷诺照片.jpgDing Zhinuo


As an educator, Ding has organized a string quartet and violin and string ensembles that have proven quite popular with audiences across China and abroad. Her Basic Violin Textbook, based on years of teaching experience, is also popular. Ding’s thesis and other writings involve violin education for adolescents.

yeguohui.jpgYe Guohui

Composer, doctor of composition, professor and Head of the Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

His musical language covers a characteristic perception of sounds and their attributes, reflecting the consideration and integration of various factors such as the nature of music itself, space effects, Chinese elements and modern musical techniques.

上音-王永德.jpgWang Yongde

A renowned erhu educator and performer, professor of Traditional Instruments Department of the university

Wang Yongde has been carrying out usefull explorations and practice during his long-time performing and teaching of erhu art. He proposes learning step by step, individualized instruction, a combination of Chinese and Western music as drawing upon the strengths of different styles.

上音徐坚强.jpgXu Jianqiang

Professor in the Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Xu Jianqian attended the World Composers Conference and Asian Composers Union Conference held in Hong Kong as the representative of Chinese youth composers in 1988. His various works were performed in different countries including America, Japan, Singapore, and Sweden.  

xiaomei.jpgXiao Mei

Ethnomusicologist, professor, doctoral advisor

Xiao does research on ritual music, Chinese ethnic music, music management, performance, and voice and has published many papers and produced audio and video works, on Musical Cultural Anthropology (with Han Zhong’en) and Field Echo: Ethnomusicology Notes.

yulina.jpgYu Lina

Violinist, professor

Yu has nearly 50 years of teaching experience and combines unique teaching methods for the violin, and has contributed a great deal to the cultivation of musical talent in China.


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