Shanghai Theater Academy
Updated: 2014-03-11

LOGO.jpgThe academy was established in 1945 as an art institute for the cultivation of professionals in theater arts, traditional opera, film, television and dance and has around 3,000 students and a faculty of 480.

Following are tutors for international students in this university.

何雁.jpgHe Yan

Graduate advisor, professor, performing arts department

He has directed the following: Comedy in the Dark, A Streetcar Named Desire, Altona Recluse, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Sea Gull, and performed in Who Killed the King, Circus, Communal Kitchen, Windbell in Heaven, and New Shanghai Holiday, among other dramas.

Areas of research: performing arts

谷亦安.jpgGu Yi’an

Professor, performing arts department

Gu won the Wenhua Award, from China’s Culture Ministry, and the Golden Lion for Best Director. He has directed Owl in the House, the Peking Opera Wulongyuan, the musical Wanrong, and foreign dramatic classics such as Passport, Antigone, and Betrayal.  

Areas of research: performing arts

潘健华.jpgPan Jianhua

Professor, with special State Council stipend 

Pan’s works include Stage Costume Design and Skills, Clothing Ergonomics and Clothing Design, Performing Arts Costume Design, Needlecraft: Ancient Chinese Female Boudoir Art, and Chinese and Western Undergarment Culture.

Areas of research: the artistry and history of garments

孙惠柱.jpgSun Huizhu


Sun has published 140 papers in Chinese and English in China, the US, Canada, and UK. His interests include Construction and Deconstruction, Conflicts on Stage and Clash of Civilizations, What to Imitate. Works include: a New Study of Chinese and Western Art and Aesthetics and Social Performance Studies.

Areas of research: social performance, intercultural theatre, theatrical narratology

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