Shanghai University of Electric Power
Updated: 2014-03-18


Zhu Qunzhi

Professor, graduate advisor

Zhu has been involved in research for China’s National Natural Science Foundation, the Pujiang Plan, Shuguang Plan, and several others and is a member of the Shanghai Energy Research Society and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He teaches undergraduates in such areas as Engineering Thermodynamics and Energy-saving Technology, and postgrad courses in Advanced Heat Transfer and Enhancement of Heat Transfer.

Areas of research
The utilization of solar energy, distributed energy systems, thermal physical properties of material and applications, energy saving technology

Ren Hongbo

Post doctorate, professor

Ren has co-authored a book, translated another, and published around 10 papers with SCI. He reviews several international academic journals, such as Energy, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Solar Energy, Energy and Buildings, and Building and Environment and is a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, Energy & Resource Institute, and Energy Institute.

Areas of research

Planning, design, and management of regional energy systems; simulation and evaluation of regional energy and environment systems; solar energy utilization, and building energy efficiency.

Yao Weifeng

PhD, professor

Yao teaches Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, New Technology of Materials Preparation, Advanced Materials Chemistry, Catalysis Principles, and other courses and has been involved in more than 10 scientific research projects for China’s National Natural Science Foundation, and ahs one US patent. He has published about 50 papers in Chinese and foreign journals, such as Chem. Mater., J. Mater. Chem., J. Phys. Chem

Areas of research

Photocatalysis, new nano functional materials

Mei Baishan

Professor, graduate advisor

Mei Baishan has been dedicated to the development of military products and scientific research for the advanced technology of special motor and control systems.

Areas of research

High performance mobile power plant technology, electric traction equipment and control technology, AC variable frequency speed regulation, special motors, large-scale wind power and hybrid electric vehicles
Zhao Jinbin

PhD, professor

Zhao Jinbin has published more than 50 academic papers (five included by SCI, 38 by EI) in various journals. Zhao has applied for 13 Japanese patents, seven of which were approved; four US patents, two of which were approved; one European patent; and 20 Chinese patents.

Areas of research

Power electronic circuits, devices and systems, intelligent and modular control technology of power electronic circuits, application of modern power electronic technology in power systems, new energy power generation technology



Lin Shunfu

Associate professor, graduate advisor

Lin reviews papers for IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery and IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid, and has published papers in these academic journals and other SCI/EI journals. He holds two patents.

Areas of research

Quality analysis and control, intelligent electricity, access technology of distributed power supply power


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