Shanghai Electric Power University


Shanghai Electric Power University was founded in 1951 with a wide range of studies in engineering, the sciences, management and the humanities. Its major disciplines are energy and power engineering and it has a key corrosion and protection of thermal power equipment laboratory with Sate Power Corp backing. Two of its popular majors are thermal energy power plants and environment engineering which are also key Shanghai Education Commission areas. 

The school offers 28 undergraduate programs and 16 postgraduate programs and has 1,000 staff numbers and around 10,460 students. It also emphasizes international cooperation and exchanges and is connected with many universities abroad and has over 100 international students. It also invites foreign scholars to teach or to do research here.

Shanghai Electric Power University


Undergraduate Programs

1) High school graduated or an equivalent

2) HSK certificate (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) Level 4

3) Above the age of 18

Anyone who has not passed HSK4 or has not studied any Chinese is welcome to apply for a Chinese Language Foundation Course.

Postgraduate Programs

1) A Chinese bachelor’s degree or equivalent

2) Transcript

3) HSK Level 4 certificate


Shanghai Electric Power University


Tuition(yuan/per year):

Undergraduate: 15,000 yuan/year

Postgraduate: 18,000 yuan/year 

Language student: 10,000 yuan/year  2,400 yuan/month

Accommodations:  3,000 yuan /year        600 yuan/month

Shanghai Electric Power University

Undergraduate Programs

  1.  Thermal Energy and Power Engineering 

  2. Environmental Engineering

  3. Chemical Engineering and Technology

  4. Materials Chemistry

  5. Machinery Design 

  6. Manufacturing and Automation 

  7. Materials Science and Engineering

  8. Electrical Engineering and Automation

  9. Electrical Power Engineering and Management

  10. Automation

  11. Technology and Equipment for Observation and Controls

  12. Computer Science and Technology

  13. Computer Science and Technology (Power informatization)

  14. Software Engineering

  15. Information Security

  16. Electronics and Information Engineering

  17. Communications Engineering 

  18. Electronic Science and Technology

  19. Photoelectric Information Engineering

  20. Business Administration

  21. Information Management and Information Systems

  22. International Economics and Trade

  23. Public Management

  24. Logistics Management

  25. Engineering Management

  26. Economics

  27. Information and Computational Science

  28. Applied Physics

  29. Japanese

  30. English


Shanghai Electric Power University

Postgraduate Programs

Shanghai Electric Power University

PhD Programs

Shanghai Electric Power University

Chinese Programs

Shanghai Electric Power University

English-taught Programs

Shanghai Electric Power University

Non-degree Programs

Shanghai Electric Power University


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