Get to know your 2017 Shanghai Summer School courses 2017-08-10

Get to know your 2017 Shanghai Summer School courses!

Overseas students enjoy Chinese culture in Shanghai 2017-08-03

Overseas students partaking in a 2017 Shanghai Summer School program spent a week immersed in Chinese language and culture.

Students from BRICS countries explore cultural ties at Shanghai summer school 2017-08-01

The BRICS program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School opened at Fudan University on July 6.

Foreign students experience China's political and legal culture 2017-07-31

The Chinese political science and legal culture program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School closed at the East China University of Political Science and Law on July 14.

Oceanian program rounds off at Shanghai university campus 2017-07-31

The 2017 Shanghai Summer School bid farewell to its Oceanian program at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics on July 14.

Intl students: Chinese operas' charming, elegant, and skillful 2017-07-28

The Chinese opera program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School concluded at the Shanghai Theatre Academy on July 6.

Intl students: studying traditional Chinese medicine valuable and enjoyable 2017-07-19

The traditional Chinese medicine program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School closed at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on July 14.

Experiencing harmony of mind and body through archery 2017-07-18

A group of overseas students partaking in the 2017 Shanghai Summer School experienced China’s art of archery at the Shanghai University of Sport on July 10.

Budding foreign chefs relish Shanghai culinary course 2017-07-12

A brief review of the students’ second week lives at the Chinese culinary program of 2017 Shanghai Summer School from June 20 to 26.

Folk melodies linger after close of Shanghai Summer School music course 2017-07-11

The 2017 Shanghai Summer School program for international students interested in traditional Chinese music drew to an end at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music on June 29.

Chinese business program underway at SUFE 2017-07-10

Shanghai Summer School's second annual Chinese business program opened at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics on July 3.

Shanghai-based diplomats complete Chinese language courses 2017-06-07

The curtain came down on a Chinese language training program for diplomats based in Shanghai on June 3.

Table tennis program puts in a healthy performance 2014-09-05

Shanghai University of Sport’s table tennis program for this year came to a conclusion on Aug 20.

Shanghai Maritime University concludes its African program 2014-09-04

Shanghai Maritime University wound up its African summer school program on Aug 25.

Petra Simekova 2014-08-31

Chinese culture is really interesting.

Gabriel Garcia 2014-08-31

I enjoy Chinese culture.

Filip Kevin Grulich 2014-08-31

I adore Chinese culture.

Natalie 2014-08-30

The best summer school I have ever taken part inThis was my first visit to China when I decided to take part in the BRICS Summer School.

Alexandra 2014-08-29

I will try to formulate my main ideas about the summer school - it is quite hard to write only a few words, because I have so many impressions and emoti

Pedro 2014-08-27

My experience in the Shanghai Summer School BRICS Program of Fudan University was the best possible. In the new international order, it is fundamental for those

Sylvia 2014-08-26

Sylvia Quintao Leite

Marilia 2014-08-26

First of all, I was very happy when I was approved for the Summer summer School school at Fudan University. But it scared me too, to go to such a distant and di

Pedro Accorsi Amaral 2014-08-21

Shanghai through Brazilian eyes: political reasons why Brazil and China should invest more in understanding each other

Glotova Maria 2014-08-21

Russian vision on BRICS

Marilia Romão Capinzaiki 2014-08-21

Overblowing skepticism: what Brazilian scholars can learn from China

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