Budding foreign chefs relish Shanghai culinary course
Updated: 2017-07-12


Overseas students studying at the Chinese culinary program of 2017 Shanghai Summer School learn to make traditional Chinese desserts. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

Students partaking in a culinary program at Shanghai Summer School continued a full throttle exploration of Chinese dishes learning 11 separate dishes and two desserts in the course’s second week.

Hosted at the Shanghai Polytechnic University from June 13 to July 9, the program has attracted 30 overseas students to experience China's wide range of diverse and unique cuisines.

Senior chefs Lu Wenkang and Jin Bin from Zhonghua Vocational School treated the students to trying two typical Shanghai dishes; stir-fried squid and celery and fried shrimp balls.

The students also tried their hand at making some specialty dishes from Zhejiang province, a region which neighbors Shanghai to the south. One such dish was braised Dongpo pork, a rich, slow-cooked specialty named after Su Dongpo, a famous Chinese poet.

Yet no Chinese cookery course would be complete without tackling Sichuanese cuisine and the students had the chance to learn some of the southwestern province's staple dishes including double-cooked pork and mapo tofu. The dishes certainly added some spice to a busy and stimulating week.

Aside from learning how to cook main courses, the students also worked on perfecting some traditional Chinese desserts including sweet dumplings and spring rolls. From kneading and rolling out dough to stuffing fillings, the students immersed themselves in the practice.

When the cookery students return to their respective countries they will be sure to bring back some of China’s tastiest dishes.


The brightly colored and tasty dishes cooked by overseas students as part of the course running from June 13 to July 9. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

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