Foreign students experience China's political and legal culture
Updated: 2017-07-31


Students hold a group discussion on Chinese political science and legal culture during the 2017 Shanghai Summer School. It was held at the East China University of Political Science and Law from June 19 to July 14. [Photo/]

The 2017 Shanghai Summer School recently held a program for foreign students on China's political and legal culture, which ended at the East China University of Political Science and Law on July 14.

Twenty-one students from some 10 countries including Britain, Greece, New Zealand and Cambodia attended this year’s program, which started on June 19.

During their four-week stay in Shanghai, the students set their sights on four major topics: legal ideas in traditional Chinese philosophy, philosophical ideas in Chinese characters, and the legal cultures during China's Han and Tang dynasties (206 BC–220, 618-907).

They also went on field trips to local law firms and hi-tech enterprises, visited ancient towns and thematic museums, and carried out group discussions and presentations, which on the one hand helped them gain a better understanding of China’s political science and legal culture, while on the other hand encouraged them to seek for deeper cultural immersion.

The students spoke highly of China's political and legal systems, which they thought had set a positive foundation for the country's sound and rapid economic development.

They were also enchanted by China's profound culture. They expressed their eagerness to study in China in the future and said they would invite more colleagues to take part in future Shanghai Summer School programs.

The programs, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, are held at college campuses across Shanghai. This year's programs focused on such themes as Chinese business culture, traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and table tennis.

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Students listen to lectures on China's political science and legal culture. [Photo/]

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