Students finish month-long cultural immersion in Shanghai
Updated: 2018-08-13


International students attending the Summer School arranged by Shanghai University pose for a group photo during a visit to a local tourist destination. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

Some 60 students from across the globe bid farewell to Shanghai University on Aug 11, drawing a full stop to their month-long summer school learning about traditional Chinese culture.

The program, initiated on July 15, gave students comprehensive exposure to various Chinese cultural elements, especially those connected to Confucianism and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

On a visit to local TCM museum on July 19, the students marveled at the Bencao Gangmu, or Compendium of Materia Medica, a Ming Dynasty medicinal classic written by TCM expert Li Shizhen (1518-93).

A variety of herbal medicines and a hot discussion on the therapies of cupping and acupuncture also refreshed their understanding of TCM.

Professor Huang Wei introduced the students to a world of Confucianism the next day, where she shared the history and development of Confucianism and the cultural values treasured for thousands of years, such as yin and yang, a philosophy believed to bring people balance through the integration of opposites.

The students were all ears to professor Huang; they also raised questions concerning the differences with their own cultures.

During the closing ceremony on Aug 10, the students staged many singing and dancing performances and expressed their gratitude to the university for the enjoyable and impressive experiences during the past month.


A student carefully observes the dried herbal medicine samples on July 19. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]


A student introduces himself in Chinese during an oral class on July 18. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

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