A cool bite of ice-creamed Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Updated: 2018-08-17

The prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is offering an ice treat to awaken your appetite dulled by the heat of summer.

It's not the ordinary ice served at Haagen-Dazs or Dairy Queen. Creative students from SJTU cut paper into various shapes and combined them with different campus scenes to present eight kinds of flavored "ice creams" treats.


A grass-flavored ice cream displays the youthful and energetic side of SJTU. A bite of the snack brings you a feeling of embracing a refreshing breeze in the summer night. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]


This grapefruit milk cone represents an unforgettable memory of studying hard at SJTU, with grapefruit sharing the same color as teaching buildings and milk conveying an honest and down-to-earth attitude toward research. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]3.jpg

A coffee with an ice cream top and peppermint flavor resembles the light green façade of student dormitories, bringing an overwhelming sense of vitality. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]


The SJTU campus where many "little lives" settle and inhabit is like a cup of smoothie seasoned by vanilla and lemon, fresher than fresh. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]


This cone is freshened by lotus leaves and flowers, which are located along the only way toward the campus mess hall, where the spectacular scenery impresses many students. It is a distinctive treat you can never have anywhere else and will be sure to bring you a brimming sense of happiness. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]


A smoothie flavored by colorful tropical fruits shares the same delving mind of SJTU – enthusiastic and persistent. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]


A sea salt-flavored cone reminds you of days "swimming" in a sea of culture and knowledge at SJTU. [Photo from WeChat account love_SJTU]

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