Study China program goes 10 years on
Updated: 2018-09-05

A decade has passed since the first Study China program for college students from the United Kingdom took place at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

This year, the summer cultural immersion program attracted 220 students, mostly from prestigious institutions including Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Nottingham, and Imperial College.

Students spent their three weeks learning Chinese language and history, practicing calligraphy and tai chi, and taking field trips to local landmarks and peripheral cities.

A photo exhibition looking back at the former editions of the program was put on display, capturing the unforgettable moments of 13 cohorts of 1,515 students from different universities in the UK.


Students from different universities in the United Kingdom pose for a group photo at the 2018 Study China program. The three-week program was hosted by East China Normal University in Shanghai. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]


A student from the UK gives an interview to Shanghai local media. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]


A student gives thumbs-up to the photo exhibition capturing unforgettable moments of former programs. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]


A British student plays Jenga with his friends, a game of physical skill requiring players to take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]


A student practices the character of fu (福), meaning happiness and good fortune in Chinese. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

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